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Total Recon Auto Center: Tesla-Certified Collision Center

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Total Recon Auto Center: Tesla-Certified Collision Center

What makes Total Recon a Tesla-certified collision center?

Total Recon has made a substantial investment in equipment and training to provide our Tesla community with the standard of quality they deserve.

A Tesla-certified collision center is a body shop that has been trained and certified by Tesla to repair vehicles. These collision centers meet strict requirements set by Tesla and have been trained to perform repairs that meet Tesla's high standards for safety, quality, and performance.

To become a Tesla-certified collision center, Total Recon was able to meet several requirements, including:


The collision center must complete specific training courses provided by Tesla. This training includes instruction on how to properly repair Tesla vehicles using approved repair methods and techniques.


The collision center must have the necessary equipment and tools to perform repairs on Tesla vehicles, including specialized diagnostic tools and repair equipment.

Quality standards

The collision center must adhere to strict quality standards set by Tesla, including the use of genuine Tesla parts and materials.


The collision center must offer a limited warranty on their repairs, which provides peace of mind to Tesla owners that their repairs are covered.

By using a Total Recon, Tesla owners can have peace of mind that their vehicles are being repaired by trained professionals using the correct parts and procedures. Additionally, using a Tesla-approved body shop may also help preserve the value of the vehicle as it maintains the authenticity of the repairs.

Written by Total Recon Auto Center