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We Treat Our Customers Right

Whether you’re bringing in your Tesla or another car, you can be assured that our team is here for you. If your repairs are covered by insurance (yours or another driver’s), we’ll navigate the claims process for you. We work with all companies to make your automobile look like nothing ever happened. We provide other services, too. Perhaps you’re ready for a new look. We can paint your car and make other upgrades that will make it look fabulous. Maybe you’ve got kids, pets, or crumbs from one too many meals on the run. See us for professional detailing. We even help you with transportation even when your insurance policy doesn’t cover it. Ask about ridesharing services and rental cars (including plenty of Teslas) while your car is in the shop. We’ll even waive the rental fee if you pay out of pocket. Best of all, our repairs are covered by a lifetime warranty.