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Total Recon Auto Center: Tesla-Certified

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Total Recon Auto Center: Tesla-Certified

Choosing Total Recon, a Tesla-certified collision center, over your insurance company's preferred body shop is important for a few reasons:


Tesla-certified collision centers have been trained and certified by Tesla to repair their vehicles, and therefore have the expertise and knowledge to perform repairs that meet Tesla's standards. Insurance company-preferred body shops may not have the same level of expertise or training specifically for Tesla vehicles.

Quality of parts

Tesla-certified collision centers use genuine Tesla parts, which are designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of Tesla vehicles. Insurance company-preferred body shops may use aftermarket or non-genuine parts, which may not meet the same quality standards.


Tesla-certified collision centers offer a limited warranty on their repairs, which provides peace of mind knowing that your repairs are covered. Insurance company-preferred body shops may not offer the same warranty or may have different terms and conditions.

Resale value

Having repairs performed by a Tesla-certified collision center can help maintain the resale value of your Tesla, as buyers may be more likely to purchase a vehicle that has been repaired by a certified center.

Overall, choosing Total Recon can ensure that your vehicle is repaired to the highest standards and with the best quality parts, which can help maintain the safety, performance, and value of your Tesla.

Written by Total Recon Auto Center