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Local Shop for Tesla-Approved Body Repair (and Cleaning)

What better reason could you have for not tackling your auto detailing? Total Recon Auto Center is a Tesla-approved body repair facility. We’ll take care of detailing your Tesla while you go to work, do your shopping, spend time with your kids, or simply do nothing at all. The time is yours when you leave the car cleaning to us. You don’t have to worry about damaging your EV’s specialized interior or exterior when you rely on us. We’re open to serving you at our state-of-the-art facility Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-6:00 pm, and Saturday 8:00 am-3:00 pm. You may even be able to save a little cash. Check out our Specials tab to see if there’s a deal for you.

Basic Conditioning


Ideal for newer cars that need a new coat of wax protection or cars that have had a full detail performed in the recent past and need to be refreshed.

$95.00Add to cart

  • Hand wash of all exterior panels, lights, tires, rims, windows.
  • Degrease & Shine Wheels, Tires and Wheel wells
  • Degrease & Shine Engine Compartment
  • Light Vacuuming of Interior and Trunk
  • Wipe Clean all dash and door panels
  • Final application of Spray-Wax

Interior Treatment


Great option to restore the interior of any vehicle from the abuse of pets, children, and everyday wear and tear. Vehicles that require extensive shampooing will need to stay overnight to allow for proper drying.

$275.00Add to cart

Everything included in the Basic Conditioning Package PLUS

  • Intensive interior cleaning using pneumatic air tools getting into every nook, cranny and crevice
  • Pre-Treatment of all stains for a more effective stain removal
  • Aggressive degrease and cleaning of all interior panels including the dash, door and sill panels
  • Shampoo and clean ceiling headliner
  • Clean and Condition All Leather **2 door vehicles are discounted $25

Exterior Treatment


This option is the magic sauce!
Restore your vehicle’s paint finish to its original shine. Removes scratches and swirl marks and restores clear coat while providing a layer of protection that will keep your vehicle looking young even in old age.

$300.00Add to cart

Everything included in the Basic Conditioning Package PLUS

  • 3 Stage clear coat rejuvenation process.
  • Intensive, high speed abrasive compound buffing that removes deep scratches and surface contaminants which will restore clear coats to their factory shine.
  • A less abrasive polishing stage for minor scratch, swirl marks and buff streaks removal.
  • The final stage is to apply a sealant and two coats of hand applied carnauba wax.

**Compounding is a very effective treatment that can achieve the amazing results. Only experienced technicians should perform this.



This is the perfect package if your preparing your vehicle for sale or lease turn-in or to make up for years of abuse.

Our Signature package is often used by local dealerships looking to put vehicles in their showroom.

Includes everything in all previous packages

$350.00Add to cart

Paying Respect

If you drive a Tesla, you probably already have a healthy dose of respect for your luxury electric vehicle. It’s recognizable for its style, ability to save on fuel expenditures, lessened environmental impact, and driver-assistive features. But is it clean? Extend your respect for your special EV by having it professionally detailed at Total Recon Auto Center in Rockville, Maryland. As a Tesla-approved body repair facility, our team is familiar with what it takes to keep your vehicle looking sharp. Whether your car needs sprucing up for a special event, has been through a not-so-clean life event, or has simply become dirty with use over time, count on us for professional Tesla detailing. You’ll find us near multiple major roadways at 627 Southlawn Ln Rockville, MD 20850. Cleaning your car is as easy as using our handy online scheduling tool or calling (301) 762-2195 for an appointment.

Special Considerations for Detailing Your Tesla

Your Tesla isn’t an average vehicle, so don’t treat it like one. Specifically, the people detailing your automobile need to think about protecting your car while taking part in the cleaning designed to protect it. That’s protection during protection. Your Tesla is specially made to be lightweight and operate using electrical power. Along with the ability to work efficiently comes unique cleaning considerations. For instance, it’s not advisable to use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Rather, the manufacturer recommends mild soap rinsed thoroughly with water for cleaning painted surfaces to avoid damaging plastic and other lightweight composites. Our team is Tesla trained, so we know what cleans well without causing damage. Also, the interior surfaces must be cleaned carefully. Fluids are the foe of electrical components and cannot be allowed to seep into airbag covers, touchscreen edges, etc.