Automotive Detailing in Rockville, MD

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Auto Detailing So Good It Belongs in a Showroom

Do you remember the polished look your vehicle had when you first laid eyes on it? It doesn’t have to be a memory any longer! Total Recon Auto Center in Rockville, Maryland, can rejuvenate your car and restore it to its former glory. We have a trained, fully staffed auto detailing team that is dedicated to cleaning and polishing your vehicle — both inside and out. Our experienced technicians use the best products and techniques available to bring out your car’s inner shine. We offer military and front-line worker discounts. If your car is ready to relive the good ol’ days, stop by our shop today at 627 Southlawn Lane.

Basic Conditioning


Ideal for newer cars that need a new coat of wax protection or cars that have had a full detail performed in the recent past and need to be refreshed.

$95.00Add to cart

  • Hand wash of all exterior panels, lights, tires, rims, windows.
  • Degrease & Shine Wheels, Tires and Wheel wells
  • Degrease & Shine Engine Compartment
  • Light Vacuuming of Interior and Trunk
  • Wipe Clean all dash and door panels
  • Final application of Spray-Wax

Interior Treatment


Great option to restore the interior of any vehicle from the abuse of pets, children, and everyday wear and tear. Vehicles that require extensive shampooing will need to stay overnight to allow for proper drying.

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Everything included in the Basic Conditioning Package PLUS

  • Intensive interior cleaning using pneumatic air tools getting into every nook, cranny and crevice
  • Pre-Treatment of all stains for a more effective stain removal
  • Aggressive degrease and cleaning of all interior panels including the dash, door and sill panels
  • Shampoo and clean ceiling headliner
  • Clean and Condition All Leather **2 door vehicles are discounted $25

Exterior Treatment


This option is the magic sauce!
Restore your vehicle’s paint finish to its original shine. Removes scratches and swirl marks and restores clear coat while providing a layer of protection that will keep your vehicle looking young even in old age.

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Everything included in the Basic Conditioning Package PLUS

  • 3 Stage clear coat rejuvenation process.
  • Intensive, high speed abrasive compound buffing that removes deep scratches and surface contaminants which will restore clear coats to their factory shine.
  • A less abrasive polishing stage for minor scratch, swirl marks and buff streaks removal.
  • The final stage is to apply a sealant and two coats of hand applied carnauba wax.

**Compounding is a very effective treatment that can achieve the amazing results. Only experienced technicians should perform this.



This is the perfect package if your preparing your vehicle for sale or lease turn-in or to make up for years of abuse.

Our Signature package is often used by local dealerships looking to put vehicles in their showroom.

Includes everything in all previous packages

$350.00Add to cart

Protect Your Investment

You don’t have to wait for your car to look worn out to visit our shop. Even if your car still looks in pretty good shape, automotive detailing can provide a number of benefits. For starters, your vehicle’s paint helps prevent rust damage, but over time, dirt, salt, and other contaminants can chip away at the coating. Our team can provide professional waxing to protect your paint and give it a little extra polish.

Total Recon’s auto detailing team is also a good choice if you enjoy the view around Montgomery County. Over time, insects and debris will cloud your windshield, which in turn will lead to reduced visibility. This can cause dangerous features, like blindspots or distractions, but our technicians can clean your window to give you the pristine view you need. We are also available to clean your interior, which can cut down on bacteria growth and remove stains and spots. Besides, who doesn’t like sitting in clean seats?

Prepare Your Vehicle to Be Sold

If you’re trying to sell your vehicle, our detail department can make sure it stands out. When you select our Total Recon Signature package, our team will thoroughly clean, wax, and polish every inch of your vehicle using the best products available. In fact, this is the same package local dealerships use when they want to put their vehicles in the showroom. Even though your car might have endured years of use, our dedicated detailing team can give it the edge it needs by giving it that brand-new appeal. Call and schedule your appointment today at (301) 762-2195!