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Don’t Wash That Car!

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Don’t Wash That Car!

Top Reasons To Use Automotive Detailing

The weather is getting warm, the insects are out. You can clearly see the grime on your car. It’s time to go outside and wash the car. Better yet, it’s time to get the kids out there to clean it. Stop that water hose! You won’t get the same shine and paint protection with at home washing. The automotive detailing professionals here at Total Recon Auto Center in Rockville, Maryland, can guarantee the best clean for your car. Detail cleaning is more beneficial to your car than washing at home. Below, we list the reasons why you should bring your vehicle in for automotive detailing and skip the home wash.

Waste Not, Want Not

Washing your car at home uses up a lot of water. Running that water hose will use up, on average, ten gallons each minute. That quickly adds up the longer you wash your car. Your local water authority is happy to bill you for it. If you bring your vehicle in to us, you don’t need to worry about running up the water meter.

Think of the Environment

When you wash all that dirt and soap off your vehicle, it also washes into drains and soil. The soaps and waxes you use contain many harmful chemicals. When they wash away, they contaminate the water and soil. We use eco-friendly methods to help the environment.

Watch Those Scrubbers

You may think you are buying soft and gentle brushes and mitts, but the truth is they are low quality. Many brushes and mitts that are sold in stores will scratch your vehicle. You may not notice at first, but those scratches will wear away your paint. Total Recon Auto Center uses soft brushes and mitts to protect your paint job.

Good vs. Low-Quality Cleaning Solutions

Going to a parts or big chain store will get you car cleaning soaps at a cheap price. However, they may not be high-quality solutions. They can leave streaks and residue on your car. It can harm the shine and protection over time. We promise our customers that we use best-grade products on your vehicle to prevent damage and make it sparkle.

Watch Out For The Sun

While the sun is great for drying your car, it is not great for the paint. If you leave any wax or soap residue on your vehicle, it causes a sunspot. The chemical will burn through the paint and leave an ugly spot on your paint job. Our industrial size dryers will prevent those spots.

Total Recon Auto Center guarantees the best detail cleaning in Rockville, Maryland. Come see us today!

Written by Total Recon Auto Center