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Free Estimates on all Services, No Appointment is Needed

We understand that being involved in an accident can be a stressful situation.  Let us alleviate that stress.  We deal directly with the Insurance companies involved, arrange rental car services, and guarantee the highest quality of workmanship for life.  All you have to do is drop off your car, hop in your rental, and get back to your daily life.  You’re in good hands.More
We take car detailing seriously. Each and every car that drives into our lot is handled with special care and immaculate attention. Our detailing package includes just what you want for your car – special care, precision, and flawless results. It’s like your car is brand new again!More
We use Paintless Dent Removal to fix even your deepest dents. Our dent removal specialists are extremely experienced, guaranteeing that your car will be- like new, without the need to pay for expensive car parts or repairs.More

What our Customers are saying…

It was the best detailing service ever!! 2009 range rover looks like brand new right now!! Fantastic job!!

Jianna C., Potomac, MD


I speak from experience when I say that all detailer are not the same. These days, they seem a dime a dozen. Unlike most, I usually detail my own cars. It’s just that with that detail king guy and whomever else doing mobile details, it’s difficult to find someone honest. When I spoke to James and Greg at Total Recon, I knew I was speaking with guys that knew the business inside and out. and when I picked up my car… WOW, SHOWROOM SHINE!! … the interior? … fresh, clean and odor free…. my fine line scratches? …. totally gone. The choice is crystal clear… I’ll spend my time on saving the world and let Total Recon Auto Salon spend their time on detailing the Bat-Mobile. :) total_recon ~sometimes a little thank you just isn’t enough . Warmly, Daphne, Executive Director of Wellness Love your car and get a detail today!!

Daphne K. , Silver Spring, MD

Awesome work!!!

Bobby is amazing! Quality work is number one but customer service is equally important! This team of guys are patient, attentive and very detailed. They went above and beyond my expectations! -I was “T-boned” on my passenger side in a car accident and my right fender was dented, bumper shift, and some other parts inside were “rattled”. My car was BEAUTIFUL when I picked it up! Took them about a 2 weeks total but part of that was waiting for the insurance company and mechanics to come out and do their part. My car was repaired with OEM parts, Bobby called me each step of the way and made sure I understood everything they had to do. In addition to repairing my body damage, they detailed my car inside and out…including my “foggy” headlights! I would recommend them any day. Reliable, friendly, professional and detailed. I came here after reading reviews and everyone who raved has not exaggerated! Very pleased.

Adora P. , Gaithersburg, MD

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Providing the highest quality in Collision repair, Body Shop, Auto Detailing, and Paintless Dent Removal in Rockville, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Potomac, Germantown, North Bethesda and surrounding DC areas